Elevated Photography

Elevated Photography makes a really big difference to the look, feel and view of the home, office or place of business.   The beauty of Elevated Photography is that it is quick and cost-effective. Similar to aerial photography, instead of the much greater altitude and moving aircraft. Elevated Photography can be done with a drone or a pole. What it does is gets you to the optimum height, usually close to roof apex level but up to 40ft  or more.

Nearly every property can benefit from Elevated Photography. All properties that have water features, large grounds, pools and interesting landscaping are obvious choices. However, the benefits of elevated photography extend to all homes. Tall town houses, properties with a descending grade, homes with power lines in front, and many more will see great results. Condo, Apartment complex's with attractive landscaping, pool, sitting area are also worthy of consideration. Interiors of Condos can be changed easily but the location and surroundings are far more important to prospects.

 Elevated Photography brings to the home depth and perspective. With Elevated Photography you can see beyond the house, what is visible is the rear garden, patio, or trees.  This new perspective of the home and so much better than the standard 2 dimensional photos you see everyday on the MLS listing.

Elevated photography can be added to any photo shoot. Have your photo's stand out today.


Get Elevated today!