“Getting Ready For Your Photo Shoot”

Prepping  for a great photo shoot:

In order to get the best shots you possible can, the house should be neat and clean. You can use a professional home stager, or be the DYI.

Remember, most photographers will move some small things to improve a photograph. However, most would prefer not to do much moving or lifting. The property should be ready to be shot when the photographer arrives.  Here’s an example list on getting ready for a photo shoot. I have a more in depth list below as a PDF. Please feel free to download and share.

Quick List….

  • Waste bins both inside and out should be out of sight if possible.
  • Ceiling fans should be off.
  • All counter tops should be free of clutter.
  • Bathmats (if does not add to floor), towels, bottles from shower should all be removed.
  • Replace burned out light bulbs.
  • Consider your window coverings. Is there a view? Decide if they look better up or down, and be consistent with all windows if possible.
  • The front of the house is one of the most important shots. Make sure cars are out of the drive way and garage doors should be closed.
  • Please make sure you declutter around the exterior as well.  Pots, hoses, yard toys.

Below is a PDF document with more detailed information about prepping for a shoot.  Feel free to print it or email it  to your client to remind them of what is necessary to show their property in the best light.